Our Approach

At Yayasan Sejahtera, poverty is more than just about low incomes. Poverty in Malaysian context involves generation cycles of unfulfilled basic food needs, lack of access to basic infrastructure like elecatricity, water, medical care and education, poor housing and the inability (or perceived inability) to rise above and beyond poverty.

Therefore, Yayasan Sejahtera’s holistic approach to poverty alleviation and empowerment of the hardcore poor in Malaysia is premised on four building blocks of modules:


Module 1 - Supporting Basic Food Needs

Sejahtera gives assistance through supporting dietary needs of families using innovative community-and home-based farming on vacant plots of land in and around their homes.


Module 2 - Providing Basic Community Services

For the low income families, life is harder without basic amenities like water, health services, education and sanitation. Sejahtera provides access to basic community services like sustainable and clean water supply through the use of innovative and affordable methods. With access to these amenities, it would be easier for the beneficiaries to embark on livelihood projects to generate better income for their families.


Module 3 - Rehabilitation / Building of Homes

Sejahtera aims to address the  lack of basic housing amenities for extreme poor households. We support low income households to perform basic repairs to their home to reach an acceptable standard of living.


Module 4 - Supporting Sustainable Livelihoods

We believe in alleviating poverty through encouraging independant economics activities, building capacity through skills and employment, or providing access to capital for small business owners. As the vast majority of these families depend upon small scale business as well as agriculture in the rural areas to survive, we strive to increase their capacity to make such activities more productive and profitable for them.