Who We Help

Our target group at Sejahtera is the extreme poor based on the national Poverty Line Index (PLI), the official indicator that measures hardcore poverty.

Rosnah and one of her sons are beneficiaries of our Chilli Fertigation Project in Pitas, Sabah
"My son cries that he has to walk back from school," Rosnah says, a mother in one of our target communities in Pitas, Sabah. For them, it is a 30 minute walk home in the middle of the day. For a young child just starting primary school, this is difficult. The children are lucky - school is walking distance so they get to see their families. This is not always true for children in the interiors of Sabah and Sarawak.As for Rosnah, this is an hour spent walking to school to fetch her sons. That one hour could be spent working instead. For many of the poor, this is typical of the choices that must be made every day.At Sejahtera, we believe in hope. With the extra income that Rosnah's family has earned through the Chilli Fertigation Project, they have bought bicycles for the two younger children, making travelling to school less of an ordeal.

Like any developing country, pockets of extreme poverty still exist. There are families that have slipped through the cracks who would benefit from a helping hand. This is what we do, with the support of caring individuals and corporates.