Where We Are Heading

Empowering Communities to Move Forward – 2016 and Beyond

Sejahtera aims to continue looking ahead in increasing its efforts in poverty eradication in Malaysia. We will strive to seek ways, not only to help participants earn additional income, enhance educational experience and improve living conditions by equipping them with basic living necessities, but also hopefully give them the awareness, realization as well as opportunities to believe that poverty is not a condition they have been destined to live in.The Community Development Programme (CDP) which has been ongoing since our inception in 2009 and targets hardcore poor communities in rural areas will be continued and further expanded to:

  • Pitas and Kota Marudu, Sabah,
  • Kelantan for livelihood (Small Grants 3.0) and post-flood livelihood programmes,
  • Sik, Kedah
  • More areas in Sarawak

The target is to reach up to 14,000 by 2018. Some of our successful programmes will be used as models for implementation in newly identified areas.

Sejahtera has also embarked on urban poverty pilot programmes called the Community Enhancement Programme (CEP). It will focus on additional income generation, as well as motivational, religious and skills enhancement activities. The programmes will still be based on Sejahtera’s holistic approach but with further enhancement and emphasis to target different groups within the community i.e. adults, youths and children. The target groups will also be expanded not just for hardcore poor but poor communities to ensure that theassistance provided will benefit the community as a whole.

The CEP will start in small batches as it is a pilot programme, and mainly for the reason that urban poverty is a complex, multi-dimensional issue to undertake (e.g. access to education, healthcare, childcare, transportation and logistics, stable jobs, etc.).

Sejahtera will proceed with the pilot programme in PPR Pantai Ria for KL that had commenced in 2014 and several other proposed areas in Johor Baharu (Pasir Gudang, Batu Pahat or Pontian). The aim is to reach out to 220 beneficiaries for urban poverty communities in these two areas in 2016.