Small Grants 2.0

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Category: Completed Projects

Location : Kelantan
Project Duration : Nov 2012 - Oct 2014
Families : 55

  • Participants were provided with materials and equipment that could be utilized to add value to their existing economic and income-generating activities.
  • 3 key sectors were chosen to be the focus group for this project, based on the participants’ existing income-generating activities, i.e. agriculture, small business and garment-making sectors.
  • Sejahtera helped channel technical expertise and advise from various government agencies to help the participants better understand the challenges they faced and how best to overcome them.
Project 1

Puan Fauziah Kamaruddin, who runs a small food business, has extended her working hours till evening since provided with a new cooking stove.


  • Participants are scattered in two districts, and dry season in Kelantan affected participants' crops i.e. watermelon and chili


  • 55 participants surpassed initial expectations and targets by more than 500%.
  • The overall total accumulated additional income came to RM614, 775.00 from the original target of RM92, 000.00, making Small Grants 2.0 the most successful programme by Sejahtera as yet.
  • The top five agriculture-based participants, as well as top participants overall based on the additional income generated during the programme were given the “Petani Sejahtera” award to recognize the successes and accomplishments.
Project 1

The participants of Small Grants 2.0 programme who attended the Award Ceremony.