Alternative Water System (Gravity Feed Water System)

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Category: Completed Projects

Location : Lusong Laku,Sarawak
Project Duration : January 2014 -June 2014
Families : 102

  • Community’s hygiene practices and daily activities involving water i.e. cleaning, cooking, drinking is critically compromised due to lack of basic amenities particularly clean water supply.
  • The only school that caters for the approximately 182 students from the surrounding villages, Sekolah Kebangsaan Lusong Laku is also facing the grave issue of lack of clean water supply.
  • The project aims to provide clean water supply via the gravity feed system to the Penan community at Lusong Laku as well as to improve their hygiene practices with the provision of the clean water supply.
Project 2

Sejahtera's partners and beneficiaries worked together tirelessly for two weeks to complete the project.


  • The beneficiaries can now enjoy access to clean filtered water that is directly supplied to their unit in the long house.
  • Overall, the beneficiaries are enjoying better hygiene and quality of life.
  • The students of Sekolah Kebangsaan Lusong Laku are able to use the clean filtered water instead of the pond water, which requires diesel to pump, subjecting it to all sorts of pollutants that can cause various health hazards.
Project 2

The beneficiaries now have access to clean water supply direct in their house.