Water Solutions for Four Villages in Pulau Bruit

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Location : Pulau Bruit, Sarawak
Duration : Nov 2012 - May 2014
Location : Kampung Penuai, Kampung Sebako, Kampung Sedik and Rumah Panjang Juing

  • This project is aimed at providing clean and constant water supply using sustainable means for the villages of Kampung Sebako, Kampung Penuai, Kampung Sedik and Rumah Panjang Juing in Pulau Bruit by 2014.
  • Though the majority of areas in Pulau Bruit have access to constant water supply from the reservoir in Kampung Semop, the water purification system in Kampung Bruit and the underwater pump in Kampung Tekajong, many of the remote parts of the island still depend heavily on harvesting rainwater to cater for their daily needs.
  • Some of the difficulties faced by the villagers during the drought season include:
    • Having to purchase drinking water, incurring unnecessary expenses and wasted time including having to travel to the nearest town to make the purchase
    • Water rationing causing them to compromise on hygiene and grooming habits which eventually affects the community’s health and well being
    • Bathing in the polluted river, resulting in many of the villagers contacting and spreading skin diseases and other related health issues
    • For Rumah Juing, the crops planted by the community such as pineapples, morning glory (kangkung) and cucumbers are also affected during drought season
Project 2

The villagers welcome the installation of the rain water-harvesting system in Kampung Sebako.


  • The rainwater harvesting systems installed can store up to 40,000 litres for each platform, and is essential during drought season to support the villagers' day to day activities


    Project 2

    The installation of rain water harvesting system tanks in Rumah Panjang Juing has enabled 48 families to have access to additional clean water supply.