It was under the auspices of the Putrajaya Committee on GLC High Performance (PCG) that Yayasan Sejahtera was launched at our first pilot site in Maran, Pahang, by Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak on 4th September 2009.


Yayasan Sejahtera is dedicated to addressing hardcore poverty in line with two National Key Result Areas: raising living standard of low-income households, and improving basic rural infrastructure. We were designed as a platform for GLCs, GLICs and corporate Malaysia to converge in community development through corporate responsibility.


Key issues in poverty in the Malaysian context include a lack of sustainable income, unfulfilled basic food needs, a lack of basic community services, and poor housing. These are especially evident in rural and isolated areas. While Malaysia is a success story in the area of poverty reduction, the poor still rely on handouts which do not contribute toward long-term impact or an independent existence.


We believe that resources are available in every community. This includes human capital, local knowledge and land. To achieve our goal of sustainability, our beneficiaries must be empowered through the development of both hard and soft skills. In other words, capacity building. However, the hardcore poor's needs are almost on a daily basis. Without basic community services like water and electricity, support for basic food needs, or a good roof over their heads, we cannot hope that they can acquire new skills to improve their livelihood.


As a holistic development programme, we strongly encourage our beneficiaries to be independent and take responsibility with the understanding that dignity and self-worth are values that rise out of pure effort. It is only a harmonious community - a Sejahtera community - that can grow itself out of poverty. We understand that this change - building sustainable communities - will not happen overnight. 


Be the champion in building sustainable communities to alleviate poverty in Malaysia.


Manage high-impact projects for selected communities​

Collaborate with strategic partners to jointly and holistically support the need of the poor and hard-core poor communities

Become a central hub for resource contribution on poverty

Become a leading platform for experiential learning for poverty alleviation and sustainable communities

At Yayasan Sejahtera, poverty is not about lack of access to economic opportunities but involves unfulfilled basic food need and lack of access to amenities and facilities considered standard to average Malaysian, such as water, electricity, health support, education, sanitation and basic housing amenities.


With your generous support, we can help the poor in our community  – giving them hope for a better future.


You can help by spreading the word and creating awareness about our work.


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